History of the Philological Faculty

altThe Faculty of Philology is one of the oldest in Tomsk State Univeristy (Siberia, Russia). It is not by chance that it is considered the cradle of humanitarian knowledge at the university.

In the remarkable year of 1917, the Faculty of History and Philology appeared at Tomsk State University, and consisted of three departments: historical, philosophical and philological. It is not surprising that in this difficult time the faculty did not function for long, in 1921 the faculty was closed.
The Faculty of History and Philology was reopened twenty years later in 1941. Further, the joint development of departments continued until 1974, when a sufficient base for independent work of faculties was already accumulated. Thus, the philological department becomes a faculty and begins its independent development since 1974.

Gradually, the Department of Journalism is allocated within the Faculty of Philology, which in 2004 acquires the status of a separate faculty.


fak.jpgThe Faculty of Philology is based in the third building of the campus (the so-called BIN). The laying of the foundation stone of the building (the first student dormitory) took place on July 22, 1883. The dormitory house was designed for 75 places for students of the Imperial Tomsk University.

The third building was built on private donations. The opening took place on August 27, 1888. There were 45 rooms in the dormitory: one room with three windows for three people, 32 rooms with two windows for two people and 12 rooms with one window for one person. In addition, it had a common dining room, a reception hall, a reading room, a kitchen, servants' rooms, etc. Each student was given only one candle for the evening.

After the Revolution and the Civil War, the Biological Institute was located in the building, according to which the building received its second name — "BIN".

During the Second World War, the building was used to accommodate evacuation hospitals.

After the war, the TSU Faculty of History and Philology began to be located in the building, from which the Faculty of Philology separated in 1974. 
Since 1946, the third academic building of TSU has been a monument of federal significance.